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Happy Coaches

Happy Coaches who Help to achieve happyness in your Life.

“A good coach, in joint conversations, unearths the potential that can lead the person to a new horizon or goal.”

Every company, every team as well as every single employee is unique. However, this uniqueness can often lead to conflicts. Within the team, the superiors or in relationship with customers and suppliers. The material abundance and the changed buying habits, in the time in which we live today, are also conflict promoters. A customer wants to have everything faster, everything more perfect and pay as little as possible. Direct customer contacts which have taken place at the front, in the shop, shift to the rear service.

Courses and Trainings

Not everything always goes by itself, we need people around us who support and help us from time to time.

MoreHappyLife helps you with a selection of courses for you.

  • More Happy Life Be Aware
  • More Happy Life Unleash your Heart
  • More Happy Life Mastery