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The less you expect, the more joy you will experience

Why expectations create feelings of guilt

When I take the word “expectations” apart, I see two words associated with it: “he” and “wait”.
Expectations are therefore mainly external wishes of the person, which have little to do with the values and wishes of the other person. Once they have been pronounced, they give rise to feelings of guilt.
Expectations are mental energy guzzlers! They are as volatile as the weather forecast. Because the weather goes its own way, we can change nothing about it anyway except that each of us adjusts himself to the weather, as it is current. “It comes as it comes!

Expectations are just as little goal-oriented as they are beneficial for a company. For example: “Company XY did not meet the expectations of investors”. I have never read a corporate goal or mission statement in which the primary goal is to meet your expectations. Therefore, “Share Holder Value”, in my opinion, is a highly toxic value for entrepreneurs.

Expectations are always associated with a potential for frustration and feelings of guilt. If the other person does not meet my expectations, I am frustrated and possibly disappointed. Leaders who express expectations cannot see and support the potential of your team.
My tip: Don’t expect anything but promote the potential of the other!

A simple, everyday example: The man and/or woman comes home after an intensive working day with the expectation that a “fine dinner” has been prepared. Now it finds out that nothing was cooked at all, is disappointed and leaves out his frustration of the other person.
The reasons that the other person could not cook or didn’t want to cook are completely ignored.

Who lives attentively in the moment will react differently under these circumstances. He/she will be happy to come home first, to hug the partner and to be grateful to Him/her. They will discuss the next moment together.

“The less you expect, the more joy you will experience.

Ivan Silvester

MoreHappyLife means to change our consciousness by eliminating all our expectations, concentrating on the here and now and letting life surprise us.

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