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More Happy Life Trainer, Heart & Life Navigator, Softskills Expert

“Learn to follow your heart and show your mind that it can be mistaken over and over again…”

It’s a pleasure to introduce myself: my Name is Ivan Silvester

When I was a little child I often had the feeling that I had a different relationship to people, places and things. For example to rooms, flats and houses; as soon as I was in the door I felt the good as well as the less good energies. At that time I didn’t understand why, nor could I do anything with it. It was just like that..

No doctor has the right to give a prognosis about the healing success, healing is only in us.”


More Happy Life is about

How we think
Everything we are is the sum of thoughts, knowledge and experiences of our life so far. In the Morehappylife program we learn to recognize existing ways of thinking, to question them and to apply new thinking.

How behaviour influences us
Each of us is one hundred percent responsible for everything that happens around us and for our current situation. Whether we are unhappy, sick or obese, whether we have family or professional problems. No one else but myself is responsible. In the Morehappylife program we learn to deal with it and to develop and apply self-activating and self-healing powers through special exercises.

How physical activity affects our genes
Every living being needs a minimum amount of activity to keep the body alive. Many biological processes are only activated by movement in the body. This is epigenetics. In the Morehappylife program we learn why which exercises and training programs are suitable and necessary to activate the most important functions such as hormone production, metabolism and many others.

What food has to do with nutrigenetics
Food is energy supply, remedy and joie de vivre. In the Morehappylife program we learn what influence food has on our body, our physical and mental health. What we have to pay attention to when shopping and preparing food. Nutritional and practical training in the school kitchen. Together we enjoy what we have learned and prepared together.


Building a team of talented and heartful people who care and help others to live a happier and healthier life.

My Life got me here Step by Step

Core Competences

Softskills Expert, Personality development, holistic health management, development processes, location analyses, quantum healing, heart and mind coaching, addictions in everyday life, Who am I and where am I going, Was that all in my life? Meaning and purpose of my life.s.


Operations Manager, General Manager, Sales Manager International Companies, Web Developer, Software Developer, Train the Trainer, Power Plate Master Trainer Switzerland, Developer and Trainer CRM Systems, Product Trainer Bio-Kybernetic Medical Devices, Project Management, Holistic Nutrition & Healthcare, Marketing, Photograpy & Videoproducer


German, French, English, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic, Spanish and understandings in Catalan, Esperanto, Flams and Neederlands.

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